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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why TimeShare?


TimeShare app is an all new social network that will change the way you socialize forever. It is the very first app that not only lets you share photographs but also allows you to see who is doing the same activity as you, at the same time, across the world! Isn’t that fantastic?

Whether you are travelling solo or looking for someone to join you for a movie or finding some company to attend a concert, simply post a photograph and see who else is going to the same destination, movie or concert to catch up there and have fun together! The timer tab in the app also informs you when a user is likely to finish an activity. It couldn’t get easier to make friends, isn’t it?


TimeShare in the future?


After finishing the full development on IOS and based on the feedback that we receive, we will turn on the Android market. We will also start working on the development in different languages to acquire worldwide users.



Who can use TimeShare?


For the moment, every IPhone user above the 12 years old can use TimeShare.



What do I have to do if I see a bug in the app?


If you see any bug/issue while you’re browsing TimeShare, please feel free to contact us through this mail: help@the-timeshare.com we would be glad to help.