Have you TimeShared yet?


Here’s what you can do with the TimeShare app:


• Tell the world what you are upto by posting details about your activity

• Automatic GPS location tells people exactly where you are

• See pictures and chat with people in different time zones engaged in the same activity as you at the same time


• Follow your friends to get a real-time update on their activities

• Planning to grab a coffee? Click on the localize button to spot the people doing exactly what you want to do and join them in person


• Don’t worry, you won’t be late to join any of the ongoing activities around you. The timer tab tells you when a user is likely to finish their activity


• Attractive and user-friendly interface

• Boost your business, as soon you’d be able to create live events on the app that users can join, providing an effective way to market your brand live


• Have access to a database about what people across the world are doing at any given point in time


Chat with people around the world by browsing pictures of other individuals involved in the same or similar activity as you. Finally, there is a social network that really connects you to people. Simply download the app, log in and start posting what you are up to and when to meet an infinite number of likeminded people from across the world.


So folks, if you love travelling, meeting new people or socializing, don’t wait any longer to join the social change. Download TimeShare and start expanding your social circle, now.


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